Greetings, programs!

We’re Lucy, Desi, and our pet human, Jeff.

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. We love to make stuff like cabinets, software, photographs, podcasts, comedy sketches, and tutorials about it. Well, our human does. We told him to make this website, so we didn’t have to listen to him anymore.

Seriously, when is this pandemic going to be over so that we can have our house back. Don’t roll your eyes like that. We cats and dogs talk. Trust us; even dogs want this pandemics to end. You know things are messed up when dogs are saying, “I need some space. No one wants to take a walk six times a day. Hell, even Lassie couldn’t deal with COVID-19. She would’ve pushed Timmy in that damn well for some peace and quiet.”

Desi and Lucy